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by James Lopez
Published in the Philippine Star, 26 May 2006

Among the local developments, South Forbes Golf City allows you to traverse the globe without having to leave Philippine soil. After all, South Forbes is home to a number of world-class themed communities that showcase the world?s best. From the resort-inspired Bali Mansions to the tranquil Tokyo Mansions to the charming Mediterranean Villas, South Forbes has definitely opened a whole world for the Filipino homeowner.

Fresh from its recent achievements, South Forbes has moved westward for inspiration. Its new designer homes are based on world famous and historically significant architecture that show the grandeur of man. French is after all synonymous to anything classical and opulent ? cuisine, culture, and castles.

Thus, South Forbes proudly presents its newest grand offering: Chateaux de Paris.

Vive le difference!

Drawing inspiration from traditional French architecture, the South Forbes version redefines and incorporates modern designs to come up with a more contemporary appearance. The results are stately homes nestled among a grove of trees, designed along Gothic sensibilities but containing all of the latest contemporary amenities.

This modern version creates a strong contrast between the shell of the house and the interiors. Set against the traditional form of the structure, the house is rendered on a monochromatic white on white scheme that will allow the house to be the backdrop of the interiors.


The result of a bolder and more adventurous life style, the structure turns into an elegant but cutting edge domicile that expresses the sense of now in its truest form.

Chrome, glass and steel are set against cool and sleek fabrics that begin to set the tone of the house. Modern sleek lines, all transformed from classically modern furniture, are the result of the re-interpretations of the works of the past and present masters.

The result is a bold yet understated elegance that looks into design as one of the basic needs of this modern, sophisticated man. Set against the non-traditional materials of glass and steel, fabrics are chosen for their historic reference to the traditional French fabric but nevertheless belong to an updated color scheme. Brocades and damasks are employed to add a richness that is within the French tradition.

Three model chateaus ? fontaine, Fontainebleau, Chantilly ? all named after famous royal castles in Paris, will make homebuyers appreciate and fall in love with all things French.

Modern Talking

Fontainebleau, one of the largest among the South Forbes chateaus, is also the most progressive. While it retains the traditional Baroque forms in the exteriors, the chateau?s inside is completely redone to reflect more modern tastes. This remarkable contrast between in and out is what makes the design stand out, especially when executed on a monochromatic white-on-white scheme.

Inside, the Fontainebleau says ?modern? throughout. Straight lines and solid colors dominate the overall design. Instead of the ornate carvings and brass or wooden finery that defines classical French design, chrome, glass, and steel are the preferred elements. Their cool demeanor blends well with the sleek and subtle fabrics to set a regal yet subdued tone.

By complementing the rooms with brocades and damasks that add richness within the French tradition, the transformation is complete.

What you see before you is wonderful mix of the traditional and the today.

Stepping inside the Fontainebleau chateau gives you the feeling of a relaxed richness, without the heavy guilt of opulence. The elegance remains, however, and is bit tuned into the more affable tastes of 21st century living. This chateau continues to evoke the spirit of tradition, but one that is tempered by a sense of subtlety in style.

Opulence Extended

Meanwhile, the landscaping for the entire Chⴥaux de Paris reinterprets grand 18th century French garden designs popular during the reign of King Louis XIV. The project also features French all饠or alleys bordered by trees or clipped hedges. The allees, along with the canals and reflecting pools, not only lend a strong visual effect but also make it easy for residents to go to the nearest pocket park or even the clubhouse for a lovely time with family and friends.

Every lot investment at Chⴥaux de Paris also brings with it the celebrated free membership to the 18-hole South Forbes Golf Club designed by the International Management Group (IMG).

South Forbes?s affiliation with the exclusive golf club of IMG SportsClub give Chⴥaux residents exclusive travel perks that let them relax and play in 42 top golf courses worldwide at special club rates.

Let your spirits soar once again by viewing the finery of Fontainebleau. Chⴥaux de Paris, at South Forbes Golf City, is strategically located in Metro Sta. Rosa. To learn more, just call mel tolentino/marilyn pacheco-09193310444 or email us!

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